Priscilla Mlay (better known as Cece by her creative family) is a passionate storyteller who has been a part of creative teams that bring stories to life on various media platforms from film to television and radio. She has taken part in a number of projects that have been produced by both Tanzanian and international film-makers, these projects have focused on a wide range of subjects that seek to tackle social, political and historical issues here in Tanzania. Her work ranges from feature length films like CPU (Chld Protection Unit) 2011 and Aisha (2016) to short films Shoeshine, A Fada das Veredas, Samaki Mchangani; popular fictional television drama, Siri ya Mtungi and a television documentary series, Mini Buzz. In all these projects she has undertaken various roles growing her knowledge of the process of production through working under various capacities from Production manager and Script supervisor to 1st Assistant Director and Directing. She is ever eager to keep feeding her creative thirst and pushing the boundaries of Tanzanian stories in all its forms – on and off the screen.