The ups and downs of being a Production Manager in Tanzania 20th of February marked the beginning of 4 years of dreaming, 2 months of pre-production planning, 2 weeks of rehearsals and 18 days of shooting to produce the next Kijiweni Productions feature “T-junction”. The first days are normally the most hectic and pivotal as that’s where you find your bearings. East Upanga was the first of one of our

…so, here I am, seated in a plane returning to Tanzanian via transit through Ethiopia. Short of a wallet and digital camera. That’s right, I left Zimbabwe not quite as I entered, guess I should give you the backstory, here goes… My journey beginnings at the Julius Nyerere International Airport as I queued in line to check-in for my flight with Ethiopian Airways to Zimbabwe. Armed with the only identification

Wednesday – 21st September 2016 I arrived in Düsseldorf after many hours of taking turns watching images on a foldable screen on an airplane and then watching people shuffle through airports to reach or delay their desires and fears of the destinations to come. The Cologne African film festival was kind enough to send two representatives to receive me at the airport and then drive to Cologne, which is around

MHADHIRI WA CHUO KIKUU-UDSM ANYAKUA TUZO NNE ZA FILAMU ZIFF 2016 Na Naamala Samson Usiku wa jana ulikuwa ni wa furaha ya aina yake kwa wadau mbalimbali waliokuwa wakiwania tuzo kwenye tamasha la kimataifa la filamu la ZIFF lililofanyika Zanzibar na miongoni mwa washindi hao ni Amil Shivji, ambaye pia ni mwalimu wa masuala ya uandaaji filamu kwenye idara ya sanaa ya Chuo Kikuu cha Dar Es Salaam. Bw.Amil kupitia filamu

Kijiweni at the AMVCA 2016 This wasn’t my first time in Lagos or at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for that matter. In 2014, our first short film Shoeshine was nominated at the AMVCA under two categories – Best Short Film and Best Director. The latter coming as a pleasant shock being a 24-minute film up against the likes of Tosh Gitonga’s Nairobi Half-life and Shirley Frimpong Maso’s The

Current Project: T-Junction Stage: Funding & Development T-Junction is a story of two girls and their communities. One community lacks formality but finds comfort in solidarity while the other lacks life but adheres to the structures of society. Fatima is a mixed Indian-African young adult who has just lost her estranged father to alcohol. She is unable to mourn his death because of the lack of presence he offered while

Our short film SAMAKI MCHANGANI is in the running for an AMVCA 2016 Award for Best Indigenous Language (Movie/ TV Series) – Best Swahili Please do vote if you get a minute Click on this image to visit the voting page:


Jun 2015

Aisha (trailer)

Aisha An Uzikwasa film in collaboration with Kijiweni Productions.

VijaniFM interview Amil Shivji about Samaki Mchangani Not too long ago, Vijana FM interviewed the founder of Kijiweni Productions, Amil Shivji, on his short film Shoeshine. Today, a new short film by Kijiweni Productions was launched, Samaki Mchangani. Here’s our discussion on the newest release. Read more…

Screen Africa writes about Amil & Samaki Award-winning Tanzanian filmmaker Amil Shivji is working on a short film called Samaki Mchangani (Fish of the Land) to be released soon. Shivji, the proprietor of Kijiweni Productions, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city says that his film is currently in post-production. Read more…